Costa Rica:

Servants of Hope Ministries is actively looking to purchase property for a children’s campground to provide children and youth church camps, marriage retreats, pastoral and missionary conferences.  Our ultimate goal is opening children’s homes on this property as well. These homes will be for the children whose parents have lost parental rights and have no other family. They will be placed with a Christian mother and father who will give them a family of their own, disciple them and love them. In this way, we will raise an army of missionaries!

Encuentros Church- While living in Costa Rica, we began making disciples through going into the homes of individuals who had accepted Christ through one of the many evangelical outreaches held in their communities. Along the way, we met Pastor Elmer. We worked together for over a year and a half before determining that we needed to help him and his new church. Pastor Elmer had already implemented the discipleship program into his church with great success when we made the offer to begin financially supporting him so he could be a full time pastor.  The church is now thriving with 60-80 people every Sunday. The church currently has 5 different classes of discipleship being taught each Sunday in different volumes and levels as well as a feeding center to feed the children after church. They are still meeting in the pastor’s home as they can not afford to purchase property or a building. We are praying for the opportunity to purchase land and bring mission teams to help construct a church building.



These are the needs we see in Nicaragua:

A. Discipleship.

B. Need water well for school and new church plant in Las Lomas.

C. Need church built for church and feeding center in Chinandega.

Mission Trips

Servants of Hope Ministries offers mission trips of all kinds to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We help you find the people in need of your talents and gifts. Frequently teams choose one of the following:

A. Vacation Bible School
B. Street evangelism
C. Construction
D. School uniforms/supplies (children in Costa Rica can not go to school without a uniform)
E. Dental/Medical
F. Soccer/sports clinics
G. Taking local youth to a church camp
H. Handing our food, door to door praying with people





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